New Youtube Channel

Due to some technical issues on the web, we’ve decided to make a New YouTube Channel! You can still see the old you videos from the old channel, but new one will be uploaded to this one.

Also, we will no longer be uploading videos to Veoh. Watch this page, for when we upload our newest videos!

For more of our demos, click on the main service link.

100K United Artisans Commercial Demo in Association with Urban Beatz

Basic Crowdfunder Explainer for Kickstarter and Indieogogo: 100K United Artisans

Welcome to The United Artisans Revival

United Artisans started with the idea that creative people can work and thrive collectively. We are now being revived!

These people can make a living doing what they love doing, art.

Art, in all of its myriad forms, excites the senses, thrills the imagination, and strengthens the mind.

Our skill sets complement each other in a way that hasn’t been tried before.

Fine artists and digital artists work with video producers and photographers.

Voice over artists work with producers of claymation.

The potential opportunities grow and multiply before your eyes.

All of this is controlled by the artist, for the artist, produced for your pleasure and enjoyment.