Mobile and Web Apps

Let’s do the fun stuff first, by taking a look at the end creation. I created a web demo app for a church, Ekklesia Church of God. The menu is on the bottom left. Check out the fund raise option.


Click the image above for a demo app.

We help you fundraise, by taking advantage of the mobile internet. We do this, by developing an app at an affordable rate, and by implementing affiliate programs. When people download your (free) app, they pick fundraise, and can select from one of your pre-loaded affiliates, going to sites they normally shop at, like Amazon. When they shop, a part of the purchase goes to your cause, and that part, your community can write off in taxes.

At All Starr United Artisans, we aim to provide App Development Services at a rate that everyone, no matter how small or big, can afford. If you do a web search, you will discover that the starting rate for a basic Native/Hybrid App starts at about $1,000…and quickly skyrockets from there! Our goal is to provide Hyrbid Apps–Apps that can run on the Web, Android, and iOS, starting at $500.

For complete information about the packages, prices, and added features, click here.