Besides audio-visual services, members associated with All Starr United Artisans, we offer some of the following programming services:

  • Mobile & Web Apps
  • Word Press
  • Web Programming
  • Website Building & CMS
  • File Conversion
  • QA/User Testing
  • Databases

We specialize in Mobile (iOS, Android, general mobile) & Web Apps. When you hire us to create your App, we can make them for one, or multiple App Markets (iTunes, Google App Store, etc.).

* You can have the following:

  1. Your app published as a mobile web site accessible to over 5,000 HTML5 enabled smartphones.
  2. Send us your own backgrounds for each page in your app, or we use one of the dozens of images in our free library.
  3. Send us your own icons for each function in your app, or we use icons in our free library.
  4. Send us a custom splash image to be displayed when your app starts.
  5. Never be more than a tap away from your customers with the included Click-to-Call function.
  6. Encourage conversations amongst your fans within your app – Live Chat Rooms and Facebook Style Community Walls.
  7. Share your photo portfolio, or just your latest backstage candid shots, instantly with all your fans.
  8. Send up-to-date messages to your customers every time they run your app.
  9. Select from one of dozens of free vanity URL’s for the mobile web version of your app.
  10. And much more!

* Not all features all available for all packages.

Contact us, to find out more!